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Will The Whole Brown Mattress Be Used Afterwards?
- Jul 08, 2017 -

Some questions about mattress  

Q: Will the whole brown mattress be used afterwards?

  A: The use of 6 months to a year later, it is recommended to flip or head and tail to use, so that all parts of the force evenly to protect the mattress elastic balance. Second, the use of mattress board should be used, because the mattress must pave the wood, to the mattress strong support, so as to maintain a smooth, no deformation. Full brown mattress is a software mattress made of plant fiber, is the overall force rather than local force, if there is no bedding board, after a period of time, it will cause artificial mattress deformation.

  Q: What is the problem of the whole brown mattress odor?

  A: brown silk itself is no smell, due to the production process, the high temperature, high pressure processing, natural rubber and brown wire will produce a combination of taste. Made after the plant should be parked for some time, about a month later, this smell will disappear.

  Q: Will the whole brown mattress be raw?

  A: The special materials of the product by the high-tech processing is generally not raw insects, the whole mountain is not more brown. If there are insects, it is recommended to find insect source, whether there are wet items at home, the quality of the bed board, how can not use breathable material for bed, should use wooden bed board.

  Q: Will the whole brown mattress mold?

  A: The whole mountain brown mattress is made of pure brown silk fiber, the product itself can be mildew moisture. If the fabric surface moldy, the situation has the following: (1) did not tear plastic packaging film. Some customers will only tear a layer of plastic film on the surface of the mattress, and the mattress below the tear, because the mattress does not absorb moisture, moisture is discharged to the plastic film, airtight, resulting in mattress will be attached to the mold below spot. (2) the use of the bed board airtight, such as the bed is a plastic plate or painted with a paint box can not be used. After a winter, in the spring and summer alternating season, the mattress can be dried once to extend the mattress life and increase comfort. (3) the family environment is very humid.

  Q: how to avoid the phenomenon of mattress soft edge?

  A: Since the whole brown mattress is made of plant fiber, so should avoid long-term sitting on the edge of the mattress, so as not to force uneven, resulting in elastic fatigue. If this happens, it is recommended to use.

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