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What Kind Of Good Cushion Do You Use For Office Cushion
- May 20, 2017 -

What kind of good cushion do you use for office cushion

How do you choose the office chair and cushion?

Often sit in the office chair of the people, is needed to relieve the fatigue of the body cushion, cushion is fabric products in the bedroom indispensable, it is comfortable to use and has a decorative effect of other items can not be replaced. A cushion is used to adjust the contact points between the human body and the seat and the bed so as to obtain a more comfortable angle to relieve fatigue. The cushion is convenient and flexible for use, and is convenient for people to use in various occasions. The common styles of cushions are Chinese style, modern style, European style, classical style, European style country, and new classical style.

In the style, style choice, because it is only general office use, so the style is not big, can choose freely. Different styles are decorated with different elements. The elements of Chinese style are Chinese red, big red flowers, elegant and indifferent elements. There are folk freehand brushwork and simple, modern is line feeling, with point, clear color, generous and decent.

Two, office chairs, cushion notes

1, with the mechanization and the popularity of office computers, people who work in a sitting posture are becoming more and more common. Some sedentary people, in order to prevent low back pain, often in the car chair, sofa, stool put a cushion, cushion with back pain, but also pay attention to methods. Cushion must be placed on the waist, put on the back is not correct. This is because the normal lumbar body a total of 5, due to physiological needs they do not grow in a straight line, but a central projecting shape protruding from the side, lumbar, like a gentle slope of the packet. Because of this physiological characteristics, the waist and back can not be placed in the same plane.

2, the correct posture should be chest rise, when the chair, straight waist, left back, sit on the sofa to sit back. Let the buttocks sit at the bottom of the sofa surface, and the back is close to the back of the sofa. If the waist is placed on a cushion, can make the waist to get effective support and maintain the lumbar flexion physiological, lumbar, lumbar muscle balance pressure, reduce fatigue, increase comfort, prevent and improve lumbar discomfort, is good for the stability of the spine.

3, for everyone in the office chair cushion for use, should pay attention to the cushion not too thick, to 10 cm height of the cushion as well, the decorative fabric cushion material widely, also can choose plain cloth and other fabrics cut from their favorite patterns or interesting patterns sewn to image on yourself, not only economic, decorative and strong. The inner core of sponge, foam, or available cotton rag filling. In addition, the office chair cushion thickness, more important is the human body back pressure, just compression 5-8 cm, the lumbar lordosis, so the thickness should be moderate, too thick will cause excessive flexion of the lumbar spine.

Long time the office will make the whole body is in a state of tension, which is not conducive to the body to relax and rest, so the choice of office chair cushion is more useful, one hand can make your body more comfortable, on the other hand is to improve the work efficiency but also have some help, everyone you can go to choose their own cushions.

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