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What Is The Pillow?
- Jul 18, 2017 -

  What is the pillow? An ideal pillow is the most basic requirement is to make the pillow can be tightly suited to the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, so that people working in the day of life in the lifting of cervical muscle and ligament fatigue. So in the purchase of pillow to pay attention to the height of the pillow, hardness, flexibility, materials, these aspects have some precautions, according to their own physical condition, choose the most suitable for their own pillow, and how appropriate sleep Will not feel comfortable, but also affect the body does not meet.

  What is the pillow? The height of the pillow is generally ten centimeters to fifteen centimeters, shoulder width, body fat, neck long pillow should be slightly higher. Pillow can not be too hard or too soft, hard local pressure, asleep uncomfortable, too easy to fall into the soft head, affecting the blood circulation. So the choice of the height of the pillow is also very particular about, as I introduced the same, according to their actual situation, choose a high degree of fit the pillow in order to make sleep more comfortable. Do not sleep pillow or pillow is too low problem can not be overlooked, it is likely to make your neck spine gradually easy to deformation.

  What is the pillow? It is important to fill the pillow material, and the pillow's fill material determines the softness and efficacy of the pillow. Different fillers have different effects, the current market is more inclined to choose natural materials such as kapok, buckwheat shell, cotton, etc., you can choose a lot of filler material, making the pillow has a different flexibility, softness and natural effects. Pretty pillows are buckwheat leather pillows, latex pillows, memory cotton pillows, feather pillows and so on. But also according to their own preferences to choose soft and hard pillow in order to better sleep. Through my introduction I hope you have a better understanding of pillow knowledge, and for you can choose to buy your pillow to provide some help.