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What Is The Performance Of A Slow Resilient Memory Pillow
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Good protection ability, superior chemical properties: for most of the acid, alkali, salt is chemically inert, good liquid barrier protection function.

Waterproof and breathable

Porous material with good air permeability. Because of the fine fiber, the liquid water and oil can not be easily penetrated, and the gas and water can be permeable and have excellent waterproof and breathable properties.

Good anti solid particle penetration function: special physical structure, can completely block the fine mites and dust, to prevent its penetration. Excellent resistance to bacteria: it can be used in the packaging of aseptic medical products. Low hair: durable, not hair.

High strength and fine dimensional stability: easy to process, because of no water absorption, its dry and wet strength is not changed. It is determined by the nature of the material itself that the size does not vary with the humidity. At constant temperature, it can maintain good dimensional stability in the range of relative humidity of 0-100%. At -73 degree, it can still keep tenacity and start to shrink at 118 degrees, and 135 degrees begin to melt. Therefore, the heating temperature should not exceed 79 degrees in order to avoid the occurrence of deformation, and the home textile products do not recommend ironing. Excellent flexibility: bending resistance. After 80000 compression tests, the wear rate of material Gold is less than 5%, while the wear rate of other high resilience materials is about 10-15%.

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