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What Is A Lumbar Cushion?
- Feb 14, 2017 -

A lumbar cushion is a specially designed support pillow used for providing added support to the lower back, thus relieving or reducing lower back pain aggravated by prolonged periods of sitting. Typically, a lumbar cushion is contoured to conform to the natural curve of the lower back when seated. People who have lower back pain or muscle tension may benefit from using a support pillow at their office desk, in the car, or at home. Those who are bound to or periodically use a wheelchair may also benefit from a lumbar cushion.


Similar in construction to other contoured support pillows, a lumbar cushion is firm and supportive rather than “squishy” like standard pillows and cushions. The goal when using such a pillow is to provide ergonomic support to an area of the body that may be strained or become strained from prolonged positioning, such as sitting at a desk or sleeping. In some cases, individuals who are bed-ridden due to illness or injury may be told to use a specific style of support pillow. Lumbar cushions are primarily made for people who experience lower back pain when forced to sit in one position for extended periods of time.