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What Are The Advantages Of The U Neck Pillow
- Feb 09, 2018 -

According to the engineering design of the neck is U-shaped pillow, slow rebound material material with heat, natural stretch state can provide the human head and neck, not impede blood circulation, to avoid the pain caused by neck and shoulder nap. U-shaped pillow is especially suitable for long-distance driving, the driver can adjust the head 15 to 20 degrees, avoid the jugular vein pressure, reduce fatigue, is conducive to safe driving

The U type neck pillow, as its name implies, is a pillow shaped like an English letter of U. It can automatically create comfortable effects according to the needs of the body, effectively dissolve the body pressure to zero pressure, counteract the reaction force, and relax the external pressure of the neck and shoulders, so as to avoid the fatigue feeling caused by the overhead bending of the neck shoulder. U type of cervical pillow can effectively promote blood circulation, not easy to make the cervical and shoulder fatigue and pain.

U type inflatable pillow, also known as: U pillow, car pillow, air pillow, nap pillow, leisure pillow, gift pillow. The U type neck pillow is a new type of strong cervical pillow. When using the U type pillow is worn around the neck, attached to the shoulder above, so that when you rest on the seat when the head has a strong backing, soft and comfortable, there is no risk of cervical strain, sleep head will not swing, like sleeping in bed as comfortable. The use of thermal material materials for slow rebound, head and neck, and provide the most average soft real natural state can provide support, stretch the head and neck of human body, promote blood circulation, avoid naps caused by neck and shoulder pain, multi-purpose, healthy and comfortable, convenient and practical, has the significant role in the prevention and treatment of cervical vertebra disease. It can also be used for reading or watching TV and noon break in the office class, so it is also called a TV pillow and nap (rest) pillow.

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