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Use And Maintenance Of Latex Pillows
- Aug 03, 2018 -

1. Some people will be accustomed to drying pillows, we do not recommend, because rubber products are often exposed to the sun easily aging, resulting in surface powder.

2. Latex pillow need not be cleaned, not the latex products can not be cleaned, but the process of dry roughness after cleaning, generally can not be dried, but cause moisture residue.

3. If it is to be washed, if it is only a small area, wipe it with a wet towel and put it in the ventilating place. It can be used again in a few days.

4, when sleeping sweating, the latex product itself will volatilize moisture, do not need special air drying.

5. Latex products will be oxidized with air after a period of use, and the color will gradually turn yellow, which is a normal phenomenon, need not be particularly worried.

6, latex products collection, do not press heavy objects, do not put in damp space.

7. If you use a vacuum bag to collect products, do not store for more than six months. If you find that the product can't return to the original form when it is taken out, the product can be springed back on its own for one or two days.

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