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Treatment Of Cervical Spondylosis Special Pillow
- Jan 18, 2017 -

Pillow as an indispensable daily necessities in people's lives, for most people, at least 1/3 of the day is spent in sleep, so if the pillow improper use or without pillows, easily lead to or aggravate cervical spondylosis.

Cervical pillow is a pillow in favor of cervical disease, hard, and its different from ordinary pillows, the use of the pillow under the neck. The principle of cervical spondylosis are as follows: normal cervical spine is naturally curved, and cervical spine is straight. To treat cervical spondylosis, it is necessary to straighten the cervical vertebrae to correct. Cervical pillow is used to correct the cervical spine. When the patient supine in the cervical pillow, relying on the head of its own gravity, automatically on the straight cervical vertebrae were corrected. Cervical pillow in China has a long history, the modern spread to South Korea, Japan and other places, is a very effective cervical health care methods.