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These Three Kinds Of Situations Remind You Of The Pillow!
- Jul 31, 2017 -

  These three kinds of situations remind you of the pillow!

  Mothers have regular cleaning quilt, the habit of replacing the toothbrush, but often ignore the day and the skin directly contact eight hours of pillow!

  Pillow towels are easily stained with dander, dust mites, fungi, bacteria and fat on the hair, dirt, etc., and contact with the face of the time than the face of a long towel, only pay attention to facial skin clean and ignore the pillow pillow pillow and other cleaning , It is tantamount to no face.

  So how long have you not washed your face?

  In general, the life of the pillow is 1-2 years! If your home pillow have these three kinds of situation, it should be changed!

  Pillow color change

  Pillow color change is caused by sweat / saliva / head oil, can be cleaned through the pillowcase / replacement pillow to solve.

  If not change, you and your family every night and a variety of bacteria, such as intimate contact for several hours!

  Often someone asked, so I pay attention to the skin clean Why is there a lot of acne face? This time to understand it!

  2. woke up after the neck pain

  Long-term pillows will lead to pillow deformation or pillow core filler agglomeration, pillow and neck does not fit, resulting in wounding neck pain!

  Now the rain is relatively less, Ai friends can often put the honey pillow liner out blowing, shoot a beat, so you can let the moxa more fluffy; but do not put the sun under the exposure!

  3. morning often feel asthma

  Obviously have to clean the room was spotless, get up every day after the uncomfortable? The problem may be on the pillow! Long-term replacement pillow inside, dust accumulation, will become allergens, causing asthma.