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The Main Features Of The Memory Pillow
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1, absorb impact force: because the force of head and neck is very average, so when it's on the pillow, it feels like floating on the surface or cloud, and the skin feels no compression. It's also called zero pressure. Sometimes we use ordinary pillows to oppress the auricle, but it doesn't happen with the memory pillow.

2, memory deformation: the automatic modeling of the ability to fix the head, neck may reduce; automatic modeling of the ability to properly fill the gap shoulder, the shoulder at the bed to avoid the common problems of air leakage, can effectively prevent cervical problems. The usually shaped pillow (also known as a butterfly pillow) is more fitted to the shoulders and neck.

3, anti-bacterial anti mite: slow rebound sponge inhibits the growth of mold, mold to reproductive growth stimulation by smell, when sweat saliva condition becomes more prominent.

4, breathability and moisture absorption: as the shape and sponge of memory sponge are similar, each cell unit is interconnected, hygroscopic performance is excellent, and at the same time, it is also breathable. But we must pay attention to that cotton can not be exposed to water or exposed to sunlight.

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