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The Invention And Use Of Memory Foam
- May 20, 2017 -

The invention and use of memory foam

The invention of memory foam was originally designed to mitigate the impact of aircraft landing. But after being used to make mattresses, seats, memory foam gives people great convenience.


Memory foam: self memory foam techniques have been developed to help NASA spacecraft absorb shock after the bubble has been widely used in various fields, including football helmets, hospital beds and insole. Memory foam can also be restored to its original shape, and some private and commercial aircraft now use it in their seats. Other commercial uses for memory foam also include adjustable body models for tailoring clothing.

It can spread the weight, is very sensitive to temperature, so the serious disability or completely bedridden people very practical. For example, doctors can adjust the plastic foam to help patients reduce the pressure on certain parts of the body and prevent the formation of pressure sores. Some companies also use memory foam in prosthetic limbs, which look and feel like the skin, and reduce friction between the prosthesis and the joints.

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