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The Correct Maintenance Method Of The Mattress
- Sep 30, 2017 -

The correct maintenance method of the mattress

After buying a good mattress, if the use of improper or poor maintenance, will affect the life of the mattress.

For the health of your family, know the proper way to maintain your mattress: to avoid excessive deformation of the mattress, do not bend or fold the mattress, do not use the rope to hard bundle; Do not let the mattress local force too heavy, avoid prolonged sitting on the edge of the mattress or let the children jump on the mattress, so as to avoid local pressure, causing metal fatigue effect elasticity To periodically flip the mattress, can flip up or down, the general family 3-6 months to change one time can be, in addition to the use of sheets, the best can be covered with mattress cover, to avoid dirty mattress, easy to wash, to ensure that the mattress clean and hygienic; remove plastic bag when using, keep environment ventilated and dry, avoid damp mattress, Do not let the mattress exposure too long, lest the bed surface fade.

1. Flip periodically. The new mattress in the first year of purchase, every 2-3 months, the pros and cons, or the head of the foot flip once, so that the spring of the mattress force average, after about every six months flip can be.

2, with better quality of the sheet, not only sweat, but also to maintain a clean cloth.

3. Keep clean. Clean the mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner, but no water or detergent can be washed directly. At the same time avoid after the bath or sweating immediately lie down on it, not in bed using electrical appliances or smoking.

4, do not often sit on the edge of the bed, because the mattress is the most vulnerable 4 corners, long at the edge of the bed to sit, easy to protect the edge spring damage.

5, do not jump on the bed, lest the single point of force over the Ambassador spring damage.

6, the use of plastic bags removed to keep the environment ventilated and dry, to avoid the mattress damp. Do not let the mattress exposure too long, so that the fabric faded.

7, if you accidentally spilled tea or coffee and other beverages in bed, should immediately use a towel or toilet paper to pressure the way to dry, and then blow dry with a hair dryer. When the mattress is not carefully contaminated with dirt, can be washed with soap and water, do not use strong acid, alkaline detergent, so as not to cause the mattress fade and damage.

Mattresses are usually made up of foam materials, springs and coats; some old mattresses are fluff mattresses, and the futon mattresses are filled with lint. All kinds of mattresses can benefit from daily maintenance. Flip and reverse the mattress every month to make sure it wears evenly.

On the mattress to cover with cotton or coated with rubber bedspread, in case of getting dirty. Remove stains or stains in time, but do not make the mattress too wet when cleaning. When the mattress is completely dry, then the bed.