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The Composition Of The Mattress
- Jul 08, 2017 -


The composition of the mattress

  Put aside the major manufacturers declared a variety of incredible black technology description, mattress is mainly composed of three parts: mattress fabric + filling layer + support layer. All the mattresses on the market can not escape the combination of these three parts.

  Fabric: fabric as mattress skin, its specific performance in the touch and visual effects in two ways. At present, mainly knitted cotton occupy the vast majority of the market. It is because of ordinary, mattress there will be a variety of incredible concept of emergence, antibacterial, constant temperature, aroma, air conditioning fiber and so on. Do not care about these details, are gimmicks.

  Filling layer: Currently on the market filled with three main materials:

  1, polyester foam: sponge products, these three kinds of materials in the most inexpensive, the quality of the worst. mattress Support and breathability is far better than latex and memory cotton. Manufacturers choose this material is mainly based on cost considerations, rather than user experience. Product environmental performance is relatively poor.

  2, memory sponge: 1966 by the United States NASA invention, mainly to reduce the astronauts off the ground when the pressure, especially developed aircraft cushion material. And in 1991 tempur tapple products officially launched to the community, it is unique to the excellent support and perfect fit, quickly gained people's favor. mattress Shortcomings poor ventilation, sensitive to temperature, heat in the case of heat, cold and hardened. As the product for the petrochemical products, in the low-end products, there are odor generated.

  3, latex: As the hottest filling material, in 1929, a company invented the first generation of latex production process, known as the founder of latex mattress.

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