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The Composition, Material And Use Time Of The Pillow
- May 18, 2017 -

The composition, material and use time of the pillow

At present, the filling material of pillow is varied, including chemical fiber, latex, down and buckwheat skin...... Different materials rebound time is different, the better rebound time is 3-5 seconds. Pillows are of service life, ranging from six months to three years, used for a long time, there will be lost elasticity, aging, mites and other issues. Among them, the chemical fiber pillow is the most common, but not very breathable, especially after a few months, it is easy to be compacted and deformed, the more sleep the more flat, no longer elastic, so need to change in time. The down pillow is relatively soft and comfortable to sleep, but it is difficult to maintain a certain height. It is recommended to be used with some hard pillows.

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