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Teach You How To Choose Pillows
- Jul 31, 2017 -

  Teach you how to choose pillows

  Neck long bad posture is the root cause of cervical spondylosis, which not only includes daily work and entertainment, night sleep when the bad position of the neck, but also can not be ignored, and lead to sleep when the neck bad posture

  The main reason is not suitable for the pillow.

  Adult life about 1/3 of the time is spent in sleep, sleep unreasonably placed pillow, both the neck muscles and other tissue fatigue can not be restored, and can not maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, Even on the head of the blood supply and sleep when the impact of breathing, the long run to form a cervical spondylosis.

  Therefore, the scientific choice of cushion pillow is essential, the right pillow can not only prevent cervical spondylosis, but also to consolidate the treatment of cervical spondylosis, slow the progression of the disease.

  Normal state of the human spine has four physiological bending, the neck in a slight pre-song state, called the neck song.

  According to the principles of human mechanics, a good pillow in the sleep process can support the head and neck in the normal neck, keep the neck muscles, ligaments in a fully relaxed balance, and maintain the spinal force even force.

  The pillow of science

  Supine pillow at the highest point should be in the middle of the neck (equivalent to the first 4 cervical spine), so that pillow, neck at the same time close to the pillow to set off the neck curl, keep the pillow neck physiological curvature, stable cervical. Head subsidence depth just to maintain the curvature of the cervical spine and thoracic spine, is conducive to the rest of the surrounding tissue, the side of the pillow when the fulcrum in the central side of the neck, pillow height to maintain the horizontal position of the spine, no head drooping or cervical Side bend, shoulder no weight pressure.

  Pillow selection

  Pillow filling should be similar to the soft tissue elasticity of the neck material is appropriate in order to avoid its texture is too hard or easy to cause damage caused by compression, so the common characteristics of the filling material is good permeability, plasticity, deformation is not flexible , Is conducive to sleep and muscle relaxation. According to clinical studies show that buckwheat pillow to improve and alleviate cervical spondylosis have a better effect.

  Today, many people with pillow concept behind, ignore the role of pillows, cervical health knowledge is poor, free choice of pillows, place the way unreasonable, and through the scientific pillow, so that the pillow height, width, curvature, softness, Restore the static and dynamic balance of the cervical spine, to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, reduce the neck muscle tension, eliminate neck and shoulder muscle fatigue, improve sleep quality, cervical disease prevention and treatment and health care have a positive effect.

  As the saying goes: one-third of a person's life spent in bed, so the importance of pillow is self-evident. Not only comfortable, the most important is creative!