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Spring Mattress Maintenance Method Know How Much
- Nov 03, 2017 -

I believe we don't feel strange about spring mattresses. We should be careful not to sit on the edge of the bed, because the mattress is the most vulnerable four corners, long at the edge of the bed to sit prone to protect the edge spring damage. In addition we do not jump on the bed, so easy to cause a single point of stress on the Ambassador spring damage. Let's introduce the mattress wire spring Mattress 5 large types and maintenance methods below.

One, Spring mattress 4 Big type

Type one: Link spring mattress. With a helical iron thread, all individual springs are concatenated together into a "force community", although slightly elastic but because the spring system does not fully conform to ergonomic design, so its reaching, a pressure near the spring will be involved with each other.

Type II: Pocket Spring mattress with separate barrel. Each independent body spring is pressed and then packed into the bag and then connected to the arrangement. The feature is that each spring body is individually operated, independent support can be telescopic alone, and the other spring in the fiber bag or cotton bag up, and the different columns of the spring bags to glue to each other, so when two of the same body on the side of the bed when the one rotation, the other side will not be disturbed.

Type III: Thread-type upright spring mattress. By a continuous steel line from beginning to end in one form. His characteristic is to take the whole without fault structure spring, along the natural curve of human spine can be properly and evenly supported.

Type IV: Linear integral spring mattress. By a continuous line of fine steel, from the automation of precision machinery with mechanics, architecture, overall molding. According to ergonomic principles, the spring is arranged into a triangular open structure, the weight and pressure will be under the pyramid-shaped support, the force to the surrounding distribution, to ensure that spring's elasticity forever such as new, characterized by the mattress soft hardness moderate, ergonomic benefits, can provide comfortable sleep and protect the health of the human spine.

Type five: Bag linear integral spring mattress. The linear integral spring is arranged in a sleeve-like double-layer reinforced fiber sleeve without spacer. In addition to the advantages of the linear integral spring mattress, the spring system is arranged in parallel with the human body, and any rolling on the bed will not affect the sleepers.

Second, spring mattress maintenance method

The basic maintenance method of the mattress is to flip periodically. The new mattress during the 1th year of purchase, every 2-3 months, positive and negative, or turn the foot to each other, so that the mattress spring force average, after about every six months flip can be. Also keep clean. Better have the habit of using sheets or cleaning pads, while avoiding bathing or sweating immediately lying on the bed, not to use electrical appliances or smoking.