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Selection Of Latex Pillows
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Latex is understood by Oak milk, and each oak takes only about 30cc a day. It is made by refining, fermenting, boiling, washing and cutting. Because of its natural and bacteriostatic properties, latex has been widely applied to medical and health fields, such as baby pacifier and medical gloves. So latex is a good sleep gift for nature.

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1. Whether or not 100% natural latex

Synthetic latex originates from petroleum, and natural latex originates from rubber tree. Natural latex emits light milk flavour, closer to nature and higher cost.

2. Production process

Most of the latex products in China are produced by Dunlop process. The quality of the products produced by Trallet process is better, but the price is higher because of the cost.

3. The density of bedding

The best density of pillows is 40-45, too big and too small. The best density of the mattress is about 80.

4, the market on the latex pillow of the name of some confusion, some synthetic foam, sponge pillow is also called the latex pillow, latex pillow also has synthetic milk and natural latex, the purchase should be clear.

5, only the real latex pillow will disperse the natural milk flavor. And other materials are not.

6, the real latex pillow has thousands of honeycomb pores, which contain more air than other fibers.

7, touch, touch by hand, comfortable feel like skin.