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Select Pillow
- Apr 06, 2016 -

A health care pillow is an important guarantee for good sleep. A good pillow should have three characteristics: the basic structure of the filler material, support the correct height, neck, too soft, too hard or soft a bad pillow can cause cervical spondylosis. If you love your sleep position, pillow of medium hardness is ideal for you if you like sleeping on your side, you need slight advantages in hardness of head and neck pillows; if you want to sleep, soft pillows should be used to relieve pressure in the neck.

Key: choose the size and material.

1 pillows come in many sizes and materials, a standard size pillow is suitable for double bed, slightly larger size bed can be placed in two standard pillow and a bed, you need three standard pillows or two big pillows.

2 pillows or fluffy foam usually used materials: soft pillows are soft, you can use your body changes shape foam pillow is a solid, not easy to change shape. Polyester pillow between the two of them, without being too soft, too hard.