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What is Reasonable Height Of Pillow
- Jun 26, 2017 -


 What is Reasonable Height Of Pillow

  "Sit back and relax" view great harm. Peking University Professor Li Zhiguang said that when sleeping to maintain the normal physiological state of the cervical spine in order to make the neck of the skin, muscles, ligaments, intervertebral joints and through the neck of the trachea, esophagus and nerves and other organizations with the whole body to relax, rest The Normal sleep pillow, whether it is supine or side, will make the cervical physiological state changes, so that some of the local muscles of the neck too nervous. Over time, the neck muscles will be strain, contracture, to promote small changes in the location of the cervical spine, causing nerve root and blood vessels by stimulation or oppression, reflex spasm, and even cause brain insufficiency, resulting in neck, shoulder, Arm numbness or dizziness, headache, decreased vision, tinnitus, nausea, hearing loss and other symptoms. High pillow is one of the common causes of stiff neck and cervical spondylosis. In addition, the pillow will increase the neck and chest angle, so that tracheal ventilation blocked, easily lead to throat, sore throat and snoring. High pillow can also make the chest back muscle long-term tension, chest compression, hinder the normal breathing, long this must bring adverse effects to the body. Normal sleep pillow long sleep pillow, the same will change the cervical physiological state. Because the head of the veins without valvular, gravity can make the brain venous return slow, arterial blood supply is relatively increased, resulting in head up, irritability, insomnia and other discomfort, low pillow for high blood pressure and atherosclerosis patients have a particularly negative impact.

  In general, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma need to sleep pillow; suffering from low blood pressure, anemia, people need to sleep low pillow. Pillows too high or too low are harmful to human health. So for the normal people, the height of the pillow how high is it appropriate? The general understanding is: the habit of supine people pillow high punch, used to sleep side of the pillow high punch half more appropriate. But recently according to medical investigation, healthy people in the 8 hours of sleep, posture change about 20-45 times, and half of the posture in less than 5 minutes to change once, of which 60% is supine, 35% is the side, 5% Is prone. So that although people need the height of the pillow often vary, with each person tall, fat and thin, narrow shoulder, head circumference, neck length and length of the neck curvature, there is no certain standard, but most people sleep due to the use of supine position More time, the general doctor will recommend the use of a little more than the height of the box is appropriate, should not reach a punch half of the height.

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