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Pillow Yellowed, Quilt Smell You Need These Clean Coup!
- Jul 31, 2017 -

  Pillow yellowed, quilt smell you need these clean coup!

  1. Wash the bed odor

  Sometimes due to drying should not be, or rainy days to dry, there will be unpleasant sweat taste, take white vinegar and water mixture, soak the taste of the bedding for about five minutes, and then the bedding in the ventilation can be dry!

  2. Remove color pen stains

  From the store to buy a little oxalic acid (granular), will be stained with color stained bed with water dissolved in oxalic acid soaked scrub, Pillow can be traces. As oxalic acid is weak acid, it will not corrode.

  3. Clean the sauce

  Method 1:

  Need to use sugar. First place the stained place soaked with water, and then sprinkle with a spoonful of sugar, rub by hand. Pillow When you see a part of the sauce traces have been stained with sugar, the water cleaning, can remove the stains.

  Method 2:

  Need to use soda powder. After the white vest soaked, stained with soy sauce in the place coated with soda powder, 10 minutes after the wash with water, you can remove the sauce stains.

  Method 3:

  Need to use fresh lotus root, with a knife to the fresh lotus root cut, the fresh lotus root juice coated in the sauce, 10 minutes after the water in the wash, you can get rid of soy sauce stains.

  4. Cleaning and dyeing

  In the washing machine into the warm water, start the washing machine for rinsing, add 84 disinfectant, half a tank of water plus about one-third of the bottle of disinfectant, dissolved dilute, put clothes, cover the lid, Pillow rinse about 25 minutes, 25 minutes later Remove the sheets, after drying, to restore the original color.

  If you want to avoid the sheets do not fade, just bought back, you must put some salt in the water (a bucket of water a teaspoon), wash immediately after the rinse with water, do not soak long Oh! Finally, do not sun exposure, the sun will make the dye denatured Oh. Should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

  5. Wash the blood

  Deal with blood has a golden rule, that is, taking advantage of the blood did not dry quickly deal with. Soaked into the blood of the place soaked into cold water, gently rubbing, the initial treatment of blood;

  Add salt and detergent to the cold water, with white radish juice or mashed carrots mixed with salt can remove the blood on the clothes; if the pollution time is longer, available 10% ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide wipe the sewage, After a while, then cold water strong wash.

  Such as still not clean, and then 10-15% of the oxalic acid solution, and finally rinse with water. Whether it is a new trace, traces, Pillow can be used sulfur soap rubbing cleaning. Apply paint on the blood of the paint, stay for 15 minutes or so, you can wash with water soap.

  6. easy to wash mold point

  Green bean sprouts! The tender green bean sprouts on the mold point, his hands hard to rub, is not clean some of it?

  And then put some green bean sprouts then rub, color and light a lot, then rub, mold point no, and finally rinse with water, the problem solved.

  7. Clean the plaster

  Sometimes bedding rub on the plaster can be added with alcohol a few drops of water (or sorghum wine can also be), placed in a place stained with plaster stained, until the plaster to the net, and then rinse with water, or baked alum Rubbing, Pillow and then washed with water.

  Also available edible alkali surface sprinkled in the sewage, add some warm water, rub a few times, you can remove. If the alkali surface iron spoon heated after the sprinkle to the sewage, then warm water rubbing wash, decontamination faster.

  8. Wash the yellowed quilt pillow

  With a long time for the quilt pillow, etc., will find above the yellow print, mainly the metabolism of water, protein, fatty acids, saliva mixture and fabric from the reaction.

  With the rice water + orange skin is simple and effective: to keep the rice or the orange peel into the pot and add water to cook, the yellowing of the pillow case soaked in which scrub can easily let it back to white. Not only simple, but also not like the market selling fluorescent whitening agent will have side effects on the skin and do not hurt the fabric, is worth a try a good way.

  9. Wash fruit juice

  The new stains can be used to wipe the sewage of salt water, or immediately spread the salt in the sewage, hand light rub, wet with water after immersion in detergent solution can also be washed with warm water rub soap.

  On the peach juice trace, because it contains high iron, so can be used in addition to oxalic acid solution. On the persimmon stains, Pillow immediately with wine and concentrated salt water rub, and then use the warm detergent solution cleaning, water drift net; tomato sauce can first scraping dry track, with a warm detergent cleaning. Jam can be washed with water after shampoo shampoo, and then soapy soap, washed with water.

  10. Wash the yellow seal

  Because the main ingredient of butter is fat, alcohol or ammonia can be used to wash away.

  11. Clean lipstick

  Such as stained with lipstick, you can use a small brush dipped in gasoline gently rub, to clean the oil, and then washed with a warm detergent solution; if there is no gasoline can also use bubble-type mineral water or soda with soda , Down on the clean cloth pat on the place where the mark, it is effective Oh!

  12. Wash tea, coffee stains

  Tea, coffee, these drinks contaminated bedding, can be immediately washed with 70-80% of hot water, can be removed. Old tea, can be concentrated with salt water immersion, or with ammonia and glycerol mixture (1 to 10) rubbing wash. Pillow Silk and wool fabric disabling ammonia, 10% glycerol solution can be used to rub, and then washed with detergent washed with water.