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Pillow The Main Role Is To Maintain The Physiological Curvature Of The Cervical Spine
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Pillow the main role is to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, stable joint pressure and to ensure vertebral artery blood supply. Under normal circumstances, the body in bed when the normal physiological lordosis to keep the cervical spine, in line with the physiological requirements of the cervical spine; this can make the neck muscles, discs, ligaments, etc. are naturally relaxed. But unscientific pillow selection will make the cervical spine in a state of tension, and then lead to neck and shoulder back and other diseases.

Adult pillow height is best maintained at about 9cm, length 50-70cm, width is not less than 30cm is appropriate. (The specific size but also because of the physiological characteristics of each person, especially the neck physiological curvature may be).

Through the above description of our choice of pillow shape probably have some understanding, the following talk about the texture of the pillow. Pillow soft and hard to moderate, on the one hand can reduce the pressure between the pillow and scalp of cervical spondylosis, on the other hand to maintain a uniform pressure, so that the blood can be passed from the smaller pressure. Pillow a wide range of purchase should also pay attention to the superior filler with a warm moisture, antibacterial and other functions. General choice of latex, hollow fiber. Its easy to deformation is also easy to shape, for the cervical spine to provide a more appropriate support resilience.

If you sleep habits, it is best to use a special latex or memory cotton neck pillow. When buying a pillow, it is best to experience the curvature of the pillow, the family can be observed next to the neck is in a relaxed state.

Suitable pillows are not only helpful for the neck, but also for the entire curvature of the spine and the paraspinal muscles are also good.

The body of the correct sleeping position of the pillow support, should be higher than the pillow pillow, so as to make the sleeping person to maintain the natural physiological curvature of the spine or the side of the spine to maintain straight. Sleep posture to promote the main sleeping. Habits of sleeping people, pillow height should be compressed with their own fist height (fist tiger mouth up the height of the box for the high standard) is appropriate; habit of sleeping people, pillow height should be compressed with their own side of the shoulder Wide height uniformity is appropriate. Of course, regardless of supine sleep, sleep can keep the neck normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine pillow is the best. Forbidden tummy sleeping, easy compression of the cervical spine, ligament caused by joint degradation and even nerve injury sleep not only allows you to add the daytime loss of energy, or the perfect time to repair the cervical spine, so the importance of the pillow once again highlighted the derived "sleep therapy "Can also try.

In addition to the requirements of the pillow, the bed should choose hard board or in the wooden bed to put Simmons and other flexible bedding, both comfortable, but also to maintain the normal curve of the human spine. People lying on the lower limbs slightly flexion bit as well, so that the pressure within the intervertebral space to reduce the paraspinal muscle relaxation to get adequate rest.