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Pillow Is Essential For The Baby's Development
- Apr 06, 2016 -

1, choose not to blind

In fact, some products are only catering to young parents ' mental health, it is difficult to have the advertised effect of science and technology, although some formal manufacturer product quality, but not necessarily for you baby, blindly chasing new is not only ineffective, and may cause side effects, even the baby from getting hurt.

2, pillows not too high

Some people think the pillow high is good for growth, less prone to problems of spilled milk, but it's not. Your baby's bones are still not stereotyped, but development soon. Feel free to raise a pillow, can easily cause cervical spondylosis and spinal deformities.

3, soft and hard to moderate

Pillows too soft skills are not scientific. Soft head support role to play not only, also may be caused by poor ventilation choke; excellent it might cause the hair does not look good, appear on the head, flat head and pointy.

Baby's development of the cervical spine is not perfect, a good pillow will not only get your baby off to a good night's sleep, also would allow him to have better outcomes. Not easy to choose a good pillow.