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Pillow Cleaning Methods For Different Pillows
- Sep 05, 2017 -

It's easy to breed mites and germs on pillows we touch every day. Come and learn!

One, the pillow to stain

Pillow with a long time will produce yellow stains or bad marks, in fact, the sun exposure is not clear, the correct cleaning can make the pillow use longer and healthier.

Step one: Prepare washing powder or detergent, bleach and a little borax, put the pillow in warm water soak for 15 minutes.

Step Two: Add washing powder, bleach and sand in the washing machine, after mixing, put the pillow into the washing machine to start cleaning.

Step Three: Note! Pillow to follow the washing machine rollers, do not stack together, so as not to clean, clean, dry after the dry, after drying, remember to clap a more fluffy soft.

Second, the removal of bacteria in pillowcases

If the pillow is not too long and the pillowcase is dirty, you can use this method to clean the pillowcase!

Step one: To clean the pillow to take down, the pillow in the sun under a sun, ready to warm water, white vinegar, washing powder.

Step two: Pour the white vinegar into warm water, put the pillowcase in warm water soak for 20 minutes, and then add detergent washing.

Step three: Clean after cleaning with clear water can be washed, more than usual clean, but also to prevent color pillowcases fade, white pillowcases more white!

Third, the Pillow dust removal

Home sofa on the pillow easy to drop the most dust on the ground to do so immediately clean as new.

Step one: First the pillow in the sun in the morning, the sun will be fluffy, ready a vacuum cleaner, on its surface cleaning.

Step two: After the dust is sucked, flip the pillow and clean it further.

Four, the pillow to smell

Home pillow smell and moisture want to taste fresh nature may as well try this!

Step one: Prepare baking soda, essential oils, distilled water and spray bottles.

Step two: Sprinkle baking soda evenly over the pillow for two hours, then use a vacuum cleaner to suck the baking soda on the pillow, and absorb the odor and moisture together.

Step three: A few drops of essential oil into the spray bottle, add distilled water shake evenly.

Step four: Spray the watering can to the pillow 20 centimeters, lavender essential oil and help sleep effect. Note! Don't overdo it so that the smell is too heavy.

The material of the pillow

Memory Pillow

Memory pillow due to the special material, support, not easy to deformation, flexible and comfortable, moisture after water is difficult to remove from the pillow, and exposure to the pillow life and quality has damage, so must use the correct cleaning method.

Methods: Memory pillow usually have pillowcases, so the focus of cleaning is pillowcases, pillowcases can be used normal cleaning methods, and pillow core is the most important shade in the ventilation, do not exposure. If you accidentally soiled the pillow must be cleaned, but also in cold water pressure pillows to clean, after washing to squeeze drained water, and then dry in the ventilation.

II. Feather Pillow

Down pillow due to padding for down, fluffy degree is very good, sleep is also quite comfortable, will not give pressure on the head and neck, air permeability is excellent. Therefore also should pay attention in the cleaning, because the feather easy to receive the regiment, also is more easy to wash bad.

Methods: down pillow absorbent strong, water cleaning will be very heavy inconvenient to wash, so generally only use flapping ventilation, keep it fluffy dry, or with a hair dryer to dry.

If the pillow must be cleaned, wash the main parts of the hand after washing it into the washing machine to dry, to add a few wool ball in the washing machine or tennis, to ensure that the pillow is not knotted, after taking out more easily down the feather.

Three, buckwheat Pillow

Some friends like to use buckwheat pillow, tea pillow to help sleep, this kind of pillow is most unsuitable for water cleaning, will make its efficacy has decreased, but not to achieve the best sleep effect.

Methods: Buckwheat pillow, tea pillow, etc. have a relatively healthy effect, and the water may make it metamorphic mildew, harmful to the body, long-term use will also have perspiration or stains, so this kind of pillow with a two months in the ventilation place to dry the bacteria, or in the sun drying for half an hour, pay attention to not exposure!

Four, Mat Pillow

Many afraid of hot friends and so on the weather will be the pillow to take out the use of pillows, placed a whole year of the pillow directly with sure not, with blisters on the surface of a bubble mat will be damaged, how is this good?

Method: In fact, the pillow can not use blisters wash, water scrubbing can be cleaned very clean, because the mat material itself is not easy to contaminate the dust bacteria, wet cloth with water to gently wipe the surface, and then dry dishcloth dry, put in the ventilated place can be used.