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Office Workers Selected Cushions Are Too Thick "bow Down"
- Apr 06, 2016 -

When computer chairs, if you put a cushion on the waist, you can receive effective support at the waist, maintaining flexion of the lumbar Physiology, equilibrium pressure of lumbar and waist muscles, reduce fatigue, increase comfort, prevention and improved lumbar discomfort, good for stabilization of the spine.

Second, the thickness of the cushion to the right. Not too soft or too thin, so that will not hold up the waist, too hard and not too thick, too thick can be caused by excessive flexion of the lumbar spine, and too hard the Luo people nuts.

When choosing try behind the lumbar cushions, if the pad still feel comfortable after ten minutes, the thickness is suitable, if you feel pain in the lower back fatigue and even, then the cushion does not qualify. Themselves and people who suffer from lumbar disc herniation and lumbar Canal stenosis, but also to note the comfort cushion.

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