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Office Back Cushion To Choose With Their Own Waist Curvature Of The Most Popular Style
- Oct 27, 2017 -

A comfortable office mattress will give us a comfortable enjoyment, let us relax, so whether at home or office, many people like to buy a cushion on it, then how to buy cushions? What is the way to buy the cushion? Here we take a look.

The role of the cushion

There is no standard call, some people call it waist pad, also known as it back cushion, it has two functions, one is to remind the body to maintain the correct sitting position, the other is used to support the lumbar spine. Suggestions: In addition to the need for a long time sitting in the office of the people, the spine injury, had moved back surgery or back muscles have been muscle strain, soreness and other issues, it is best to add a cushion in the chair to help.

The use of cushions

Cushions can be replaced according to the season selection, such as mesh cushion or pressure memory cotton cushion is more cool, breathable, summer use is not easy to feel hot discomfort. To the winter can replace the thick office cushions. Unconventional ride, take a plane, travel or go out, you can choose folding cushions and U pillow, easy to carry, you can also follow their own waist arc with the seat to adjust the appropriate location.

The curvature of the cushion

Choose the first pair of cushions waist support, the curvature of the cushion will be better than the arc is not good, the market cushion also has a lot of convex convex arc, but the magnitude of the difference. The correct placement position is below the scapula to the buttocks of the seat, to choose with their own waist curvature of the most popular style.

Cushion material

The material on the market cushion can be divided into mesh, stretch cotton, pressure memory cotton or plastic plate and other four types because each person's feelings are different, different materials are different, as long as the use of sufficient support lumbar, material Can be, in general, the release of memory pillow office cushions better support, stronger support for the protection of the lumbar spine.

A good cushion can let us get better to relax in order to better enjoy life, enjoy the work, so know how to buy the cushion is necessary, master some of the cushion to buy the way to quickly buy later It is helpful to have a suitable cushion.