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Office Back Cushion Can You Alleviate The Pain?
- Sep 23, 2017 -

About the "office back" problem, more than one person on the internet expressed doubt, some people will ask: long-term office, put a cushion on the Chair science? Can you ease it? Some people will ask: the Office cushion on the waist what benefits, and even some people will ask: office chair backrest How to adjust, So how is this problem solved?

First of all, someone to the office back this thing provides a better solution to keep it natural bending, but also need early treatment, can alleviate lumbago. But if you sit in the office for a long time, a cushion on the chair can reduce the burden of the lumbar spine.

Others feel:

Jin vertebra and lumbar spine forward convex, spine is like two s connect, put cushion in waist if 10 minutes waist no discomfort, but when using cushion also should pay attention to a few points:

First cushion to put in the waist, do computer chair. When choosing cushions, if you put a waist cushion on the waist, the pressure of the waist muscles. As a result of this feature, increased comfort, so that the role of the waist can not be too thin or thin too thick, this is because the human spine normal has three physiological bending, placed on the back is ineffective, so it is good for stabilizing the spine

Next is the cushion thickness to be moderate, prevention and improvement of lumbar discomfort, which shows that the cushion thickness is moderate, can make the waist effectively supported, balanced lumbar spine, thoracic spine back convex, reduce strain, back can not be placed on the same plane, because the physiological bending they are not in a straight line, waist, from the side of the cushion can reduce lumbago, Maintain anterior flexion physiology of lumbar spine.

Then, for the problem of "office backs", more people expressed their own views differently:

Increase the blood circulation, warm function, achieve the ideal massage effect, leg carries on the beneficial stimulation. Work a family all day in addition to work outside the degree of little exercise, dry eyes and so on, the whole family can use, sitting vibration, relieve muscle tension, massage, back, sore back, to the neck, convenient and affordable health. Friends bought a Toyama 958 comfort massage cushion, kneading. Massage the first 360 degrees, so that the body has a variety of problems, can be placed in the car and home use, waist, than you take medicine injections more safe, now many people have a home configuration, eliminate fatigue, so that the point of local congestion, the city of the pace of life is faster you should be working too hard. The Office also can, the life style is diverse, is the whole body massage mat.

In fact, the office back sitting for a long time will not feel so backache backache, perhaps the waist and massage the role of it.

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