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Mystery Of Hydrogel
- Apr 06, 2016 -

Hydrogels are mainly used for high-end medical applications, food industries and high-end bedding area and cool pillow is made of special water gel glue liquid and solid half of solid flexible material. Sanitation is extremely comfortable and breathable! Properties of water gel pillow:

1, close to the characteristics of human skin; Hydrogel materials.

2, which is not prone to allergies; Hydrogel feels good.

3, temperature, water gel pillow has breathable.

4, insect and mite-proof, highly viscous elastic and ventilation.

Water sleeping gel on human health have very good benefits. Water gel pillow is especially suitable for the summer heat, so. Cold, soft feel, suitable for the curve of the head and allow the brain to relax the best

The appearance of the water gel pillow is convex, to create a more lasting and sweet deep sleep. In addition. Meet the human cervical physiological curvature, using non-liability, protect cervical spine better.