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Mattress How To Choose The Knowledge
- Sep 05, 2017 -

Mattresses are all furniture supplies, the human body contact the most of a kind of furniture supplies. Try to figure out, 24 hours a day, for most people, 8 hours or even 10 hours are spent in bed. It can be said that one day one-third of the time is spent in bed through sleep. Therefore, many people in the purchase of mattresses will have in the mattress what kind of good, mattress how to choose the question. Below, share the knowledge of how to choose the mattress.

1. Choose the mattress type from the demand

Spring mattress is generally hard, suitable for the elderly, especially the waist bad, the spine bad friends, a good spring mattress can play a role in protecting the ridge. And latex mattresses are soft, comfortable, good ventilation, suitable for young people of white-collar family. Water mattresses are generally used in hotel hotels. Inflatable mattresses are used for travel. Health mattresses are used in older people, with the effect of promoting blood circulation and improving sleep. This is the characteristics of different types of mattresses, according to their own characteristics to buy the most suitable for their type.

2. Look at the mattress brand

Mattress brand Big category, mainly divided into foreign mattress brand and domestic mattress brand. On-line even has the foreign Mattress 10 brand row list and the domestic mattress top ten brands list. such as the domestic well-known mattress brands have good night, Xi-lin, Sui Bao, Jalam, guise, nature and other mattresses brand. Foreign well-known mattress brand has Serta Shuda, Sealy Silk Ripple, beddingking (Crouching Emperor), Gold can son, Dunlop Pu, lace and other well-known big brands. Foreign brand mattress is more expensive than domestic, most of them go in the middle and high-end line, the most obvious with a number of five-star hotel cooperation. Million-dollar mattress, foreign brands accounted for the majority.

3. Look at the mattress price

Now no matter what kind of mattress, in the market generally divided into four stages of the price level. respectively, within the thousand yuan, more than 1000, more than 2000, 3,000 to 5,000, more than 5,000 to million yuan. Generally speaking, more than 1000 of the family. If the quality of sleep requirements to improve the crowd, the mattress price of most of the two thousand or three thousand yuan, and some even twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan a mattress.

4. Look at the mattress quality

Mattress quality is good or bad is also the mattress buyers to consider an important factor. The quality of the mattress is mainly from the mattress is a few layers of structure, each layer of the material used. For example, spring mattress, the spring thickness used, whether it is not embroidered steel. Latex mattresses, such as latex used is pure natural. Or artificial synthesis, origin is Southeast Asia or Europe and the United States and other places, the use of latex technology is Dunlop Pout-et-Tras Lei, Sapsa three of the kind.

5. Look at the mattress after sale

General large brands of mattresses have after-sales service. For example, mattress warranty period, mattress maintenance service. There will be a professional after-sales service center or customer service. Different mattresses cover the same service points. Some more, some less. It is recommended that you purchase the nearest brand direct selling point from your home. However, the general Mattress brand will not be a problem, because before the factory, the quality inspection to check. Qualified to get out of the factory.