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Mattress Different Materials Have Different Effects On The Human Body
- Sep 20, 2017 -

With the progress of material civilization and technological process, the type of mattress used by modern people tends to be diversified, and different material mattresses have different effects on human body. How to choose their own mattress, the first to have a basic understanding of the mattress, such as the classification of mattresses, materials and their advantages and disadvantages and so on. We are more common types of mattresses are: Spring mattress, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, water mattresses, gas mattresses, magnetic mattresses and so on. In these mattresses, the spring mattress accounted for a larger proportion of modern commonly used, better performance mattresses. Spring mattress is divided into links, steel, independent cylinder and so on.


The link spring mattress is a spring with a thick line diameter, fixed by a steel wire, forming a spring net.

Advantages: High hardness, hard sleep, good support effect. Most of the older generation elders or Japanese are accustomed to using this type of connecting spring bed because of the influence of early living habits.

Disadvantages: The link Spring Although the support is strong but the elasticity is not obvious, the whole is hard, rebound ability is weak, and easy to involve. If you sleep in the same position for a long time, or if you do not flip the mattress regularly, it is easy to cause the mattress to sag and elastic fatigue.

Steel Wire

Steel Spring mattress is a steel line from the bedside has been wound to the end of the bed, and then parallel connection.

Advantages: The strongest of all spring structures in support, average force, and pressure dispersion. It can be in accordance with the individual weight and shape to make the appropriate telescopic, smooth and uniform body, comfortable feeling.

Disadvantages: Reaching, a pressure, the whole spring in the vicinity will be involved with each other. Therefore, when you turn over and get up, you may affect sleep quality of sleeping companions.

Independent cylinder

Independent cylinder spring refers to a single independent spring with Non-woven or cotton bag, and then glue or ultrasonic mode of dense, arranged to connect into a bed net.

Advantages: Independent cylinder spring in line with ergonomic, it is not linked with the wire ring buckle, but a separate, even if the sleep with the rollover side movement, will not affect another person's sleep.

Disadvantages: The independent cylinder is generally sealed in the fiber bag, each bag through viscose bonding, fixed internal cushion material use a large number of strong glue, but its internal hidden dirt more, not easy to clean, for the mattress maintenance inconvenience.

The hardness difference between the two

Although the material is good, its arrangement is sparse, the elasticity is poor, the hardness is hard, it is suitable for the crowd to use, the weight is moderate or the light people use the sheet and the body curve to fit more difficult.

The honeycomb-type stand-alone tube is arranged tightly, the support ability is very good, and its elasticity is big, the hardness is moderate, suitable for the different weight crowd use.

The difference between the two

High support independent cylinder hardness, although there are zoning design, but its fitting human curve difficult, neck, waist support small, the human body under pressure is greater, easy to cause backache and other discomfort.

Honeycomb-type independent cylinder design more effective, and the body curve fitting more closely, the human body waist, neck and other supporting good, the body muscle pressure is small, the body is completely relaxed, better sleep.