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Mattress Constitute The Material And Characteristics
- Oct 27, 2017 -

A mattress is a kind of material that is used between the body and the bed in order to ensure that consumers get healthy and comfortable sleep. Can make people feel comfortable mattress has two criteria: First, no matter what kind of sleep in the posture, the spine can maintain a straight stretch; the second is equal pressure, people lying on the body can be fully relaxed.

Constitute the material and characteristics

Signs: mattress will generally be labeled with signs to highlight their own corporate brand, establish a corporate image, the general signs will be directly sewn in the mattress fabric, but some manufacturers will be the guests request, for the beautiful, In the copper plate when the packaging and then put into.

Fabric: mattress fabric will generally use more comfortable knitted fabrics, jacquard fabrics or high-grade cotton linen, knitted fabrics reflect the fashion, harmonious life concept, feel soft and comfortable and easy to clean up. Jacquard fabric high-end comfort, reflecting the taste of modern city people. High-grade linen feel very good, looks elegant and generous, and even a little too plain. However, the mattress, the appearance of the fabric is not important, because after all, but also the laying of the bed above and the like, such a cover, and then the appearance is not beautiful to see, so long as the fabric can be healthy and healthy The

Spring: spring is a mattress of the soul, the more popular now have ordinary tension spring, independent pocket spring mattress and so on. High-quality spring mattresses are particularly suitable for the human body, in the human body parts of the high elasticity, support force, in the human body slightly lower elasticity, less support, making the body's spine and various parts of the joint muscles to be scientific Protection and comfort support, so that the body curve is fully relaxed. The independent spring mattress, because each spring is "separate work", when a spring force, the surrounding spring can remain intact, so that will not affect the pillow people rest. The advantage is that the body paste an excellent, do not interfere with each other. So that sleep more comfortable, independent of the spring than the ordinary spring spring production process is more complex, the cost is higher, so the price is slightly more expensive, but the health of the human body is also obvious.

Sponge, latex: high-performance sponge, high-quality natural latex, can better support the spine, keep the natural curve, high-density memory sponge, you can relieve fatigue, so sleepy thicker, people enter the sweet sleep. Latex is more resistant to germs, mites, and no static electricity, the distribution of natural milk flavor, open latex has millions of internal connected stomata, these air ducts free flow, can keep the mattress dry. Pay attention to try not to sun exposure mattress material, so as not to affect its life.

Ventilation holes: mattress covered with the size of the oval-shaped pores, you can instantly absorb and evaporate a lot of water, coupled with bamboo fiber moisture absorption and humidity ability, can keep the mattress long dry, even if the long sleep There will be no sticky whirring feeling. The side of the mattress has a row of exhaust holes, effective cooling and exhaust moisture, so that the air in the mattress to keep fresh and healthy, so that season will not have the case of mildew and smelly.

Coconut palm: coconut brown silk made of all-brown fiber elastic mattress permeability and permeability is good, the winter can keep the mattress dry, summer conducive to heat, to cool the cool winter and cool fruit. In addition the whole brown mattress there is a feature that is uniform force, soft and hard moderate, it is not forced when the spring issued a friction sound, but will not appear "spring, spring" phenomenon. Coconut palm fiber at the same time has a tendency to fade, non-toxic, no smell, etc., but the whole brown mattress also has a long time to use easy to collapse deformation of the shortcomings. General coconut palm mattresses In order to prevent the appearance of mites caused by excessive air humidity, an anti-mite fabric is also added near the substrate.

The use of natural palm fiber made of palm mattress its texture is generally hard, or hard in a little soft, suitable for the elderly and children to use. Good palms mattresses are well durable and easy to use for long periods of time to fall and deform, while moisture, mildew, and susceptible to insects. The price of the palm mattress depends on the thickness, the thicker the price is. The market is common 5 cm, 8 cm thick mat, the difference between a few hundred dollars. After buying home, coconut palm mattress maintenance is also critical.

Bed net: mattress with precision chain-type dense bed network structure, super-tension does not deformation of the balance network, can gently support the body and gently upward support force and make the body completely in a relaxed state, make you sound into the dream , When the person's body moves, this care force in the most need to support the place to support the corresponding parts of the body, so that the spine stretch and in accordance with any body curve and the movement for the appropriate adjustment, all-round decomposition of the pressure, steady.

Plastic mesh: plastic mesh is also used in the mattress for breathable, but not all of the mattress material will be used to the plastic network, the manufacturer generally according to the mattress permeability is good to choose whether to add, glue network is generally Made by the plastic rope, there are coarse net, large net and small network of points. This type of plastic mesh is also widely used in chairs.

Buy a good idea

Now very particular about the quality of sleep, so choose a good mattress is very important, I ask, in the end what kind of mattress is a good mattress it?

Expert guidance: Now the market has a spring pad, latex pad, palm pad, memory cotton and other materials mattress, in fact, each mattress has different advantages, and evaluation of a good mattress should have two standards : One person no matter what kind of sleep position, the spine can maintain a straight stretch; the second is equal pressure, people lying on the body can be fully relaxed.

And soft and moderate mattress will undoubtedly enhance the quality of human sleep. The easiest way to test the mattress is: lying down, hands to the neck, waist and buttocks down to the thigh between the three places where the obvious bend to stretch, to see if there is no gap; then turned to the side, Use the same method to try the body curve depression and mattress there is no gap between, if not, to prove that the mattress and sleep in the neck, back, waist, buttocks and legs of the natural curve fit, so Mattress can be said to be soft and hard moderate.

Sleep is the health of the country, how can we have a healthy sleep? In addition to work, life, physical, psychological and other reasons, with "health, comfort, beautiful, durable," the health of bedding is the key to high-quality sleep. With the material civilization and technological progress of the continuous progress of modern people to use the mattress category gradually diversified, mainly: spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, water mattresses, gas mattresses, magnetic mattresses, etc. , In these mattresses, spring mattress accounted for a larger proportion.