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Latex Pillow And Memory Pillow Which Is Good?
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Sleep is a kind of self-repair of the body during the day, and the second day of sleep can be mental, and the state of the body can be adjusted to the optimal state.One of the big impact on sleep quality is whether the pillow is appropriate, and which of the common latex pillows and memory pillows on the market is better?Let's take a look at this.

Latex pillow:

Latex pillows made from pure natural latex, permeability and hygroscopicity, natural environmental protection, no pollution, non-toxic, anti acarid, allergy, have natural antibacterial anti mite can empty, is not dupont anti mite cover also can be a very good anti mite.But with high resilience, it is not good to relieve the pressure.Since it is made of pure natural materials, the service life is relatively long.

Memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillow:

The main component is polyurethane foamed plastics.Also known as memory foam pillow, memory foam pillow are a pillow with memory foam material, its function can not increase the memory but because often use pillow can form the shape of the head and neck inherent.Memory pillow is mostly slow rebound pillow.

Memory foam pillow

Characteristics of latex pillow:

1. Non-toxic, anti-mite anti-bacterial, anti-allergic.

2. Latex pillow can effectively improve cervical vertebra, lumbar spine and blood pressure.

3. Strong elasticity, can be a good buffer against human pressure.

4. Designed according to ergonomic principles, effectively promoting sleep.

5. Latex pillow can effectively reduce snoring, suitable for asthma sufferers.

6. Latex pillow can effectively reduce the static electricity generated between human body and fiber.

7. Honeycomb structure, with good air permeability, rapid release of heat generated by the body.

Characteristics of memory foam pillow:

1. Absorb the impact, while the pillow feels like floating on the surface of the water/or the cloud, the skin feels no pressure;Also known as zero pressure, sometimes we use the usual pillows to compress the auricle, but this is not the case with a slow rebound pillow.

2. According to ergonomic design, memory deformation, the ability of automatic plastic type can hold the head and reduce the possibility of falling head;The ability of automatic plastic type can fill shoulder gap properly, avoid the common problem of air leakage in the shoulder area, can effectively prevent cervical vertebra problem.Environmental protection, no pollution.

Comparison of memory foam pillow and latex pillow:

Because of the soft texture, the latex pillow is more comfortable when sleeping.Especially infant head shape is not yet finalize the design when using the best, people commonly use medicine to remove the uncertainty effect, let people have a better memory pillow sleep quality is an indisputable fact that as a result of the arc made according to the ergonomic (neck bigger support is needed to make the body get the right balance), and lay down roll bones twist more moderate buffer, if often have fall sleep diagnosis case, switch to memory pillow usually have excellent improvement effect.Suggestion: young people and infants use latex pillow, old people and physique is easy to be used memory pillow.

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