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Is Polyurethane Foam Material As A Pillow For The Human Body?
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Polyurethane foam is not harmful to human body after finishing, so polyurethane foam material as pillow is harmless to human body.

If it is a genuine product, the smell of the newly opened pillow is normal. It will not cause any harm to the human body. It will disappear after one or two days. Some people who smell sensitive can put the pillow in the ventilating place for 24 hours, and it is best not to contact directly and add a cover. If you buy a pillow with an exciting flavor of polyurethane, it is recommended to soak with water for more than 24 hours and dry it. It can partially remove the harmful residue, volatile odor, and so on.

Polyurethane foam is a polymer which is made of isocyanate and polyether as the main raw material, and is made by high pressure spraying, which is mixed by a special equipment by a variety of additives, such as foaming agent, catalyst, flame retardant and so on.

There are two kinds of soft bubbles and hard bubbles in the polyurethane foam. The soft bubbles are opening structure and the hard bubbles are closed structure, and the soft bubbles are divided into two kinds of crust and non crust, which are commonly used in sofa furniture, pillows, cushions, toys, clothing and sound proof lining, and the hard bubble is a new synthetic material with the function of heat preservation and waterproof. It is mainly used outside the building. Wall insulation, roof waterproof and insulation integration, cold storage thermal insulation, pipe insulation materials, building plates, refrigerated vehicles and cold storage insulation materials.

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