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How To Sleep On The U Type Memory Pillow
- Dec 27, 2017 -

Sleep at night?  U type memory pillow is not used to sleep at night  

Both hands are surrounded by pillows and can take a nap. The arm is not tired sleep, avoid the arm, eye and facial nerve compression; U type pillow is designed for car according to human engineering principle rest design, set in the neck rest pressure Zhumian role U pillow; especially suitable for long-distance driving, the driver can adjust the 15-20 of the head, avoid the oppression of the jugular vein slow down, fatigue, is conducive to safe driving. On the neck and on the back of the chair, it is very comfortable to lie on the back of the chair. It is very comfortable that the neck is not sour. The daily office head and neck remain fixed for a long time, which is easy to cause spinal strain. The use of U pillow can effectively prevent spinal strain, reduce fatigue and sleep when traveling by means of transportation.

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