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How To Pick A Good Pillow
- Aug 11, 2017 -

  How to pick a good pillow

  If you wake up in the morning when you find the neck pain, sleep not only the spirit is not better, but feel more tired, it is necessary to consider is not a pillow problem. A comfortable pillow is the prerequisite for enjoying high quality sleep. Pillow how to choose it, industry experts recommend the selection of pure natural pillow, pillow hardness, pillow height to be appropriate, low pillow is not conducive to sleep and health.

  The role of the pillow is the deformation of the human body neck curvature is not deformed, to ensure sleep, is an important sleep tool, the necessary home products, a comfortable pillow, is to enjoy the premise of high quality sleep.

  A pillow of breathability, good hygroscopicity, helps people sleep when the pillow must have a good filling material.

  For example, buckwheat pillow shape, such as Cassia than feather pillow or pillow hard fiber cotton. Therefore, the public filler for the benchmark selection at the same time, we can not ignore its soft and hard, because each person's different requirements, pillow. If conditions permit, the best test pillow.

  Too high or too low is not conducive to sleep

  At the height of the pillow, everyone is not the same, the right pillow is beneficial to the body to relax, protect the neck and brain, can promote and improve sleep. A good pillow has a certain carrying capacity and therefore applies to soft, hard, slightly elastic pillows, with the benefits of sleep and health.

  Gel pillow, under normal circumstances, the pillow is too high too low is not conducive to sleep, but it may also affect the cervical spine, easy to mouth breathing, snoring situation occurs. So, the height of the pillow, how reasonable?

  In general, when buying pillows can choose according to their sleep habits. Such as the habit of sleeping, the height of the pillow should be compressed with a fist height equal to or slightly higher is appropriate, the use of the first hand fist high standard high; inertia side sleep, pillow height should shoulder with the width of their own height Consistent advice. Of course, this is the most important part of the great relationship, the choice of personal habits, but also vary from person to person.