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How To Identify Latex Pillow
- Nov 25, 2017 -
                                    natural latex pillow
1.Smellthe natural latex pillow exudes the flavor of frankincense.


there are thousands of honeycomb holes in the latex pillows, which hold more air than other fibers. These holes can drain the waste heat and moisture from the body, promote natural ventilation, provide the best natural air-conditioning system, and keep the air inside the pillow fresh and healthy. You can feel comfortable every season. The use of summer, more profound understanding of its sense of comfort and comfort. Anti mite antibacterial, anti allergy, emulsion has antibiosis and dust prevention functions, can prevent the growth of bacteria, and prevent skin and nasal allergy.
3.Touchfeel comfortable, like the baby skin like tender; sweaty hand contact latex pillow will make latex yellow, this is a normal phenomenon.


the latex pillow will rebound quickly when it is pressed by hand. On the defect: because the latex pillow using physical foaming process, so when the mold will have slight burr or hole, but not a quality problem, does not affect the use of.

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