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How To Choose Your Baby's Mattress
- Jul 08, 2017 -


How to choose your baby's mattress

  Many parents think that let the children sleep hard mattresses help them to maintain a good shape, it is not true. Recently, some experts warned: the hardness of the bed should vary, especially those who are in the growth and development of infants and young children, if the hard mattress, will cause the child's skeletal dysplasia, and even leave the "scoliosis" The hidden dangers.

  German pediatrician is a strong recommendation to let infants and young children sleep soft mattress. Generally this mattress is made of a relatively soft upper, lower layer and a strong middle layer. On the one hand, the middle layer can give the child's body the necessary support, at the same time, it can also be the pressure to pass to the soft lower, so hold the child's entire body, and not cause spinal deformity.

  Identification of mattress is suitable for soft and hard, so that the weight of about 3 kg of babies sleep on the mattress, if the mattress is depressed to the depth of about 1 cm depression, so that the hardness is appropriate.

  Baby to the early childhood, in addition to sleep at night and usually daytime nap, he will have 50% of the time spent in bed, so high-quality mattress can effectively support the baby's spine, make it into a straight line.

  And adult mattress, you will be the mattress material indecisive, in the end is to choose a good mattress mattress or choose a good spring mattress? No mattress is the same, if you have not yet decided, look at our comparison below, maybe there will be inspiration.

  Sponge mattress

  Sponge mattress is not made of polyether is made of polyester, which means that will be much lighter than the spring mattress, but the main problem is that the mattress mattress is easy to bad, and will soon be deformed, but the sponge mattress cheap The In the choice of such mattress to determine its density is not high, but does not mean that thick enough, as long as the sponge is to see whether the use of high density materials. High-density foam mattress support force will be better, and can be used for several years.

  Spring mattress

  Spring mats mattress mattress mattress than the reasons for the durability of the top of the spring, of course, mattress will be heavier and the price will be higher than the mattress mattress, mattress springs in the number of rings to more, at least 150 laps or more The

  Whether it is a mattress mattress or spring mattress, the edge also need some exhaust holes, these exhaust holes can discharge odor. Now, the crib standard is generally "51 5/8" X "27 1/4", so when you choose the mattress and the size of the bed to match, in the mattress to the barrier between the spacing of not more than two fingers Width, the choice of baby carriages and cradle mattress should also pay attention to this problem. If you want the mattress to be waterproof, you can choose the mattress of nylon fabric.

  No matter what kind of mattress you choose, make sure it is not easy to catch fire, relatives and friends may give you the mattress they used, although the surface looks good, but some second-hand mattresses can not fire, Force is not enough, so it is best to buy a new mattress.

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