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How To Choose A Pillow For The Baby?
- Sep 30, 2017 -

How to choose a pillow for the baby?

The general principle of choosing pillows for babies is: highly suitable, wide and reasonable, soft and hard medium, comfortable fabric, pillow core safety.

1, Height

The height of the pillow with the baby's neck tune, the best use of the effect is the pillow after the baby's head and body can be on the same level.

Pillow height should be adjusted according to the baby's development, can start from about 3 cm height, slowly adjust to $number cm (school age), this can better support the cervical vertebra, let the neck muscle natural relaxation, improve sleep quality.

The pillow is too high, the neck is too curved, short-term can cause tracheal obstruction, breathing effort, in the long run, may lead to hunchback, oblique shoulder deformities; the pillow is too low to support the role of the cervical spine, the head over the back or askew, the neck muscles due to "tension" status and not rest.

2. Wide length

The width of the pillow should be similar to that of the baby's head; the length of the pillow should be greater than the width of the baby's shoulders, lest the baby's head fall off the pillow.

3, soft and hard

The pillow is too soft, may cause the baby to suffocate, but the long-term use of perfect pillow, more easily make the baby relatively soft skull deformation, resulting in flat head, eccentric face and other deformities.

To determine whether the soft and hard, the baby's head pillow can be observed on the pillow. If appropriate, the baby's head will naturally cling to the pillow and will not be too deep-set (sinking more than 3 cm).

If the pillow can not be pressed with the baby's head, there is no noticeable sag, stating too hard;

4, Fabric

pillowcases, pillow fabrics to be comfortable, preferably soft cotton.

5, pillow core use what material good?

Pillow Core will not be very frequent cleaning exposure, the first one needs to ensure that it is not easily moldy!

Baby head easy to sweat, saliva, tears, spit of milk and so often stay on the pillow, such as not timely cleaning, very easy to breed bacteria and molds and other microorganisms.

The most difficult to mold the pillow is duck down, cotton (silk) and other animal filling material, may have a layer of these substances on the surface of a natural low ph lipid protective layer, which is the same as human skin secretion layer, there is moisture, warm, antibacterial and antiseptic role. But these filling materials are often too soft and expensive.

Compaction some of the quality of cotton is also not easy to rot bad, is a good choice, in the era of scarce supplies of a quilt can be used for several generations, visible, but to pay attention to frequent cleaning exposure. Online and street purchase of cotton pillow core need to be wary of imitation cotton products and black-hearted cotton, the best still in the regular manufacturers to buy.

Chemical fiber products or sponges and other man-made polymer inorganic pillow relatively easy to mold, the most easy to clean, but less comfortable.

Now it's popular. Food or Chinese medicinal herbs as filling pillow, think that there is health care role, such as tea, chrysanthemum, bamboo leaves, buckwheat skin, cassia seed, grate grass seeds, silkworm sand, millet, rice, mung beans, etc., people also like to give baby with natural fillings, think non-toxic harmless, healthier. And this type of goods in the water most easily moldy, rice, beans can sometimes be worms, and can not be cleaned. Therefore, if you want to use, the contents of a week or so will be discarded, to replace the new pillow.

Also need to pay attention to a problem, everyone allergic materials, the most common allergens are plant sex, animal material, such as duck down, buckwheat and so on. If the baby has respiratory diseases, or skin allergies, need to replace the pillow core.