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How Should A Memory Pillow Be Right?
- Dec 27, 2017 -

There was a very interesting thing a few days ago, I am a very good friend, she is a poor quality of sleep people often wake up every second days, stiff neck, I advised her to buy a memory pillow try, may improve.

She really listened to my advice, and bought a slow rebound cotton pillow. When she took the hand to open the package, she found that the memory pillow is really nice, white and fat, and feels very soft and comfortable.

I want to remember that the pillow is the opposite side of the clear, like the ordinary pillow, there is the zipper side is the opposite side, to be attached to the bed sheet. The front of the memory pillow is high and low on the side. The correct way to sleep is to sleep on the high side of the neck. This is a lot of friends easily mistake, because the hand press slow rebound memory foam pillow will find it easy to fall down, that should be on the low side, in fact, when we sleep on the sink is only a little bit, and on both sides of the neck is attached on both sides of the depression and the greatest degree of assurance of our head and neck comfort, this is the most amazing memory pillow.

So the correct sleeping method of memory pillow is to sleep on the high side, and put the small groove on the high side to our neck, so we can go to a little bit outside the head. This is the most correct memory pillow sleep method.

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