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How Much Do You Know About The Secret Of Pillow?
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Latex pillows

At least a third of your life is spent in sleep, while the pillow is an important tool for sleep.As the saying goes, the pillow is not chosen, the more the sleepers are tired!So what should you pay attention to when choosing a pillow?What kind of pillow is a good pillow?

1.First of all, when choosing a pillow, don't always blindly pursue good-looking, or want to go to own bed sheet to match.Many people tend to overlook comfort in pursuit of visual quality.For example, if the five pieces are common, the pillowcase will not match the size of the pillow, and it will feel very uncomfortable when sleeping, and the pillow will feel high or low.

2.Secondly, when choosing a pillow, you must pay attention to the comfort of the pillow, and the comfort comes from the material of the external pillow!Like the common pillowcase on the market mostly for the visual effect, and on the material to cut corners!Some external pillow material is even just a layer of cotton cloth, how can such a pillow sleep when sleeping comfortable?Our latex pillow is made of velvet, which not only ensures comfort during sleep, but also shows good air permeability.

3.In addition to the size of the pillowcase and the material, be sure to pay attention to the length of the pillow!A normal pillow is more generous than a person's shoulder.Because if the width of the pillow is not enough, it will appear when you go to bed, you will feel no pillow case!At the same time, if the size of the pillow, there will also be a wake up neck pain, uncomfortable and so on!The butterfly latex pillow, with a length of 58cm, is comfortable to sleep on or on your side.

4.Also, when choosing a pillow, pay attention to the width of the pillow!Which butterfly latex pillows reached 30 cm width, just bigger than the head part, so the rest will be exceptionally comfortable, some people say that line width about, but the width if enough is enough, even if you read in bed or play mobile phone, pillow back rest will feel very comfortable.

5.And when choosing a pillow to pay attention to the height of the pillow, and the height of the pillow comes from the inner pillow material!And some pillows even if the height is right, because the built-in material causes in the sleep still not comfortable, such as Soft and hard discomfort and Permeability is poor! So what is the height of the pillow?The author suggests that according to own physiology radian and pillow of pillow material to decide.

6.Latex pillows adopted the butterfly design appearance, and according to the different sleep habits of people decide the height of the pillow in different areas, such as sleeping, pillow neck area in central height reached 8 cm, groove lift head, central to protect the neck!When sleeping on the side, the height of the two grooves is 11.5cm, and the height of the shoulder and neck increases the height of 3.5cm, making the side sleep more comfortable!While lying on the stomach, the top of the pillow is only 6.5cm, depending on the shape of the head.No matter how you sleep, the height is perfect.

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