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How Do You Choose A Pillow That Suits You?
- Sep 30, 2017 -

How do you choose a pillow that suits you?

A person's life is about one-third of the time spent in sleep, so the choice of pillows should be particularly exquisite. Selection of pillows, first of all should be required to have adequate size, a certain width and length. It's natural to feel uncomfortable when adults sleep on children's pillows. According to expert determination, people in a sleep, the average to flip sideways 20 times, pillow if small, not conducive to the head, neck muscles stretching, relaxation, adverse elimination of fatigue. Generally speaking, the length of the adult pillow should be between 50-70 centimeters, width also should not be less than 30 centimeters height in about 8-15 centimeters.

Ancient have minyan "longevity three inches, worry-free four inch" of said, meaning, want to want to live long, often pillow three inches (9 centimeters) high pillow; to sleep comfortably, often pillow four inches (12 centimeters) tall pillow. Experiments have proved that pillow $number centimeters high pillow sleep, the earliest EEG appears smooth rest waveform, that is, $number centimeters high pillow is more reasonable. High quality sleep is beneficial to health and longevity.

In general, the appropriate height of the sleeping pillow of the patients with cervical spondylosis is $number cm and the length is $number cm. The specific size also depends on the physiological characteristics of each person, especially the neck physiological curvature. The weight of the shoulder width is slightly higher, while the skinny person can be slightly lower. Sleep habits to determine the height of sleeping pillow also has influence, accustomed to sleep on the person, its pillow height should be compressed with their own fist height (the fist of the height of the tiger to the high standard of boxing) equal appropriate

And the person who habitually sleeps, the pillow height should be compressed with their side shoulder height consistent appropriate. Of course, it is ideal for sleeping pillows that maintain the normal physiological curvature of the neck, whether on the back or on the side. In general, people with high blood pressure, heart disease and asthma sometimes need to sleep pillow, and people with hypotension and anemia sometimes need to sleep low.