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How Do The Pillow Sets Yellow?
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Pillow sets with a long time easy to yellow, then the pillow sets of yellow how to do? How the pillow sets how the yellow wash? The following by Xiao Bian for everyone right!

1, we know that clothing and other bedding need to be washed and then dry, but the yellow pillow sets of disturbed common practice card, before cleaning is best in the sun before the first exposure to two hours, so easier to clean;

2, after exposure, it should be immediately soaked, it is best to use warm water to completely immerse the stains, the laundry liquid or other detergent into the soak for more than an hour;

3, after soaking whether it is hand washing or machine wash, must first wash with detergent and so on, wash away the basic sweat, wash powder can not afford to wash the long sweat can use detergent cleaning time, wash away pillow sets Of the cortical accumulation, if the effect is still poor, then you can use a brush to clean;

4, some pillow sets are very heat, we can save the previous method, instead of hot water to cook the method, the detergent and pillowcases into boiling water which cook for some time, and then fish out or scrub or Brush with a brush to see how the effect of cleaning, the effect is not good then continue to cook until the results satisfied;

5, some pillow sets of yellow is very powerful, the above method has been washed away the yellow sweat stains, and we can then use white oil repeatedly scrub, or save the above steps, after the exposure directly With white oil for cleaning, but the white oil on the human body has a certain toxic effect, the cleaning process is best to wear gloves;