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Gel Pillow Instructions
- Aug 11, 2017 -

  Gel pillow instructions

  Material: General gel pillow material is memory cotton + gel

  Gel pillow features:

  1, the classic arc, load the human body design perfect fit head and neck curve, fully support the cervical spine

  2, the characteristics of the cool gel can reduce the temperature of the head when the heat sleep.

  3, cool gel, fast heat to keep 1-2 degrees lower than normal temperature, gel pillow can give you lasting cool, neck coolness helps to increase deep sleep time long.

  Gel pillow design principle:

  1, combined with mechanics, ergonomic design, in full compliance with the head and neck of the victory curve.

  2, the perfect support head and cervical spine, completely relax the head and neck muscles and nerves.

  3, to prevent and eliminate the bad sleep habits for people such as high pillow, bad sleeping position, pillow design unreasonable fatigue caused by a few soreness.

  4, easy to insomnia, easy to pillow, cervical patients, desk workers, drivers, etc. is particularly applicable. Allowing you to enjoy a more healthy and comfortable sleep

  Gel pillow for the crowd

  1, students, office workers, drivers, teachers, and people who often use computers.

  2, a variety of sleeping position crowd, insomnia, more dreams, King bitter pain crowd.

  3, ladies, teenagers and cute sleeping pillows.