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Gel Pillow High Visco-elasticity And Air Permeability
- Sep 23, 2017 -

Gel is a solid in the liquid, its special touch is unmatched by other materials, with viscoelastic properties, is the best energy absorption and cushioning materials. A gel is a solid in a liquid, and its special touch is unmatched by other materials, breathable, constant temperature, pest control, mites, and high viscoelasticity and breathability make it a rare substance.

Gels are solids in liquids, its special touch is unmatched by other materials, breathable, constant temperature, pest control, mites, as well as high viscoelastic and breathable air permeability to make it a rare matter, this has a very similar nature with the human skin of the material is more people dubbed "artificial skin" reputation. At present, the gel because of its good intimate nature, affinity is widely used in the medical field, a small number of civil application in the production of advanced bra, and a little bit of gel inside the bra price up to 1500~3000 yuan, only a few developed countries in Europe and the United States will apply gel to the manufacture of bedding, As a global health sleep resource integrator, domestic manufacturers to invest in research and development, the invention of low-cost production technology, the manufacture of this High-tech gel pillow, serving Chinese consumers. Combined with Coolfoam and bio-Gel Environmental gel patented technology to provide better sleep quality. Let Coolfoam excellent performance fully demonstrated.

It also makes a special contribution when we dedicate the good night to the pillow. It feels like water, let us float in the water, natural fitting the head curve, let the brain to achieve the best relaxation state, create a more long-lasting sweet deep sleep.

Gel because of its special properties require that we use the process to pay special attention to maintenance, when the pillow accidentally sticky dust, or the need for a long time to clean, we can use cloth water gently wipe, cleaning process should not all wash, otherwise, it will damage its own material characteristics.

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