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Gel Pillow Breathable Constant Temperature Pest Control
- Sep 05, 2017 -

Gels are solids in liquids, its special touch is unmatched by other materials, breathable, constant temperature, pest control, mites and high viscoelastic and breathable air permeability let it become a rare substance, for everyone to introduce the gel pillow Some specific information, I hope to help you.

Pillow is a lot of variety, gel pillow belongs to a health pillow. Now, with the pressure of life increasing, many people, regardless of age, will be insomnia. Long-term sleep is not good, not only affect the study work, but also affect our physical health. People are becoming more and more concerned about health, so it is important to choose a pillow that improves and improves sleep quality.

It also makes a special contribution when we dedicate the good night to the pillow. It feels like water, let us float in the water, natural fitting the head curve, let the brain to achieve the best relaxation state, create a more long-lasting sweet deep sleep.

Gel because of its special properties require that we use the process to pay special attention to maintenance, when the pillow accidentally sticky dust, or the need for a long time to clean, we can use cloth water gently wipe, cleaning process should not all wash, otherwise, it will damage its own material characteristics.

First of all, you need to be clear about the concept of gel pillows; gels are solids in liquids, which have a special touch. and gel made from the gel pillow, it has a lot of benefits, such as: breathable, constant temperature, pest control and so on. It is often said that the gel pillow is "artificial skin", which is because the gel properties of the gel pillow are very similar to the human skin. and gel with its good intimate and skin-friendly sex is widely made into various types of gel pillow. The use of gel pillows is not only comfortable, but also quite good health care, especially the elderly sleep is not good, choose a gel pillow is a good choice.

The maintenance method of the gel pillow is different from the traditional pillow. Traditional pillows in the maintenance of cleaning is often cleaned pillow coats, often drying. and gel pillow maintenance is mainly pillow core and pillowcase maintenance. Gel is more easily stained with ash, and when our home gel pillow accidentally accounted for the gray, or after a long time need to be cleaned, remember that must not be washed, because the water washed the gel pillow will destroy its unique material properties. We are cleaning gel pillow, you can choose to wipe gently with a damp cloth, so not only can do on the gel pillow cleaning, but also protect it from damage. Gel pillow is very precious, you must be careful when cleaning.

A lot of times, when we sleep, there are different stressors that affect my rest, but the gel pillow, due to its special material, will not only have side effects, but also help relieve stress and improve sleep quality.