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Different Pillow Features Contrast, Memory Bubble Pillow How
- Aug 30, 2017 -

 We have a general time in life is spent in sleep, so the quality of sleep for the quality of our quality of life is closely related to the level of sleep at night can not guarantee a good sleep, over time, both affect the work and But also the health of the human body. To have a good sleep every day, sleep when the pillow has a great relationship, the pillow is directly related to the quality of sleep at night.

And the pillow is in direct contact with the body's cervical spine, and the cervical spine and the body's shoulder and waist muscles, ligaments, discs are closely related, we can see the appropriate pillow for human health.

Cervical spine has a convex convex curvature, known as the physiological lordosis, people in any case, are able to maintain this natural physiological curvature for the most comfortable. Pillow not only to be able to well support the neck of the convex, but also to be able to accommodate the head of the occipital kyphosis, because the head of the occiput is protruding back, only so, the neck of the organization and organs only Will be in a relaxed state of rest. Improper pillow, incorrect sleep posture, may cause neck ligaments, muscle tension is too large and accelerate intervertebral joint degeneration and lead to dysfunction.

1. Comparison of the characteristics of different pillows

   1) the height of the pillow

The height of the pillow is related to the quality of sleep and the health department. Pillow is too high, will slowly deform the cervical spine, neck muscle strain, but also may make spur formation. Pillow pillow, breathing will not smooth, prone to dry mouth, throat pain, snoring, etc., wake up after the neck will feel pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus. Pillow low is not good, the same negative cervical, easy to mouth breathing, snoring, wake up after the first rise, irritability, facial swelling of the situation.

The appropriate height of the pillow is generally 10-15 cm, shoulder width, body fat, neck long pillow should be slightly higher. The height of the pillow should be compressed with their own side of the shoulder width is appropriate.

   2) Pillow stuffing

When sleeping, the pillow is almost in contact with people, so the pillow filler has a great impact on our health. Pillow fill a wide range of clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of different fillers in order to choose the most appropriate type of pillow according to personal circumstances.

Natural natural environmental fillers. Compared to man-made chemical fibers, some people prefer to use natural materials filled pillows, especially the elderly, prefer this type of pillow.

B. Soft and hard buckwheat skin This is the most common pillow filler, it is soft and hard moderate, plastic and absorbent properties are good, but also relatively light. The disadvantage is poor elasticity, and head and neck activities when the pillow has a sound, for those who are insomnia, may affect the fall asleep.

C. Good water absorption of rice husk than buckwheat skin plastic and water absorption performance is better, but will be slightly heavier, people will have a sound when the activities.

D. Good shape of rice bran skin has a certain plastic performance, but its edge easy to pierce the fabric, stimulate the skin, and it is also prone to sound shortcomings.

E. Breathable fluffy feather down fiber has a good rebound performance, and there are thermostat, humidity function, high permeability, can provide dry and comfortable for the human body "small environment." Feather pillow can not be washed, allergy is best to avoid the use of this pillow, so as not to cause respiratory discomfort.

F. Various characteristics of the artificial fill. Many of the quality of man-made filler, in the warm and humid performance, rebound performance and many other aspects of no loss of natural filler, and some because of the characteristics of materials or additives, but also has a good anti-bacterial and anti-mildew disease prevention function The

G. Convenient cleaning of ordinary man-made fibers This filler is made of chemical fiber battle, easy to wash, or even washing machine can be used, can also be compressed with vacuum compression bag, and cheap. But the chemical fiber cotton is not breathable, with a long time to easily knot the ball, so the lack of flexibility, life will become shorter.

H. High-tech hollow fiber hollow fiber is a high-tech product, is a composite material, in the poor permeability of ordinary man-made fibers through a number of channels, so that each fiber can store more air. Pillows made with this filler have a significant increase in resilience, warmth, fluffiness and service life. Due to differences in material and additives, and some also have health and medical functions.

J. Allergies can also use the latex filler latex is the use of natural rubber by "foam" process made of a filling material. Because it comes from pure natural materials, non-toxic and tasteless, no adverse effects on the human body. The overall structure of a latex eliminates the interference of small fibers on the human body, especially for allergies and asthma patients. Another latex permeability is good, easy to deformation is also easy to shape, for the cervical spine to provide more appropriate support.

2. What about memory foam pillows?

Memory foam is a heat-sensitive material - the so-called viscoelasticity - that can form the shape of our head and neck, so it is important to be in the proper place. Developed by nasa for the memory bubble of space capsule, has a soft and stable characteristics, and can continue to use 15 to 20 years.

Advantages: recommended to patients with neck and back disease or family allergies and pregnant women; dust mites.

Disadvantages: expensive

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