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Comparison Of Advantages And Disadvantages Of 4 Kinds Of Spring Mattress Structure
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Facing a wide range of mattress materials, there are expensive latex mattresses, hard-textured palm mattresses, and ordinary soft spring mattresses. So what about the spring mattress?

Link Spring Mattress Mattress wire

is a thick coil diameter of the spring, with steel wire links fixed.

Advantages: High hardness, hard sleep, good support.

Disadvantages: Elasticity is less obvious, easy to involve, long-term sleep in a fixed position or accustomed to sit at the bedside and four corners, or no regular turn of the mattress, easy to cause depression and elastic fatigue.

Independent cylinder Spring

With Non-woven or cotton cloth bag, and then glue or ultrasonic mode of dense, the number of coils of spring more soft degree greater. Advantages: Independent cylinder mattress Spring is not linked with wire ring buckle, but a separate, even if the pillow people roll over the side, also does not affect the other person's sleep, at the same time can withstand the body of the pressure on average everywhere, so that the body does not because of the suspension and soreness, that is, the so-called ergonomic advantages.

Honeycomb Spring Mattress for

One of the independent tube mattresses, their materials and practices are the same, but the special place of the honeycomb type independent cylinder is to adopt staggered arrangement, can reduce the gap between the spring, enhance the support degree and the elasticity function.

The combination of a spring mattress and a latex mattress process produces a hybrid mattress that has been popular in recent years. In many high-end international hotels, this mattress is used, and many high-end international hotels are using the golden mattress.

Advantages: More effective to reduce the impact of the surface of the mattress, and can close to the body curve, improve the average pressure allocation and sleep flexibility and elasticity.

Steel Spring Mattress

is a steel line from the bedside winding to the end of the bed, and then parallel together, creating a steel mattress unique characteristics.

Advantages: It is the most resilient of all spring structures in support, average force, and pressure dispersion.