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Cleaning Method Of Latex Pillows
- Aug 03, 2018 -

The cleaning of latex pillows can also be washed with water. The most convenient thing for the latex pillows is to wash. The natural latex pillow is easy to carry out hand cleaning. It is not put into the washing machine or other machine equipment to wash. The latex is very soft and easy to be twisted. Attention should be paid to hand washing in the way of extrusion. As the product is cleaned, it will absorb a lot of water, and the weight is doubled. When the water is taken out, a small corner can not be pulled up and moved. The pillow is too heavy to absorb water. It must be like tofu, holding the center of gravity and most of the volume, carefully taking out the surface of the water. After washing, dry towel or other absorbent materials will be pressed with both hands to avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight. If you want to speed up the drying time, after hanging, it is recommended that every three hours, squeeze the lower part of the hand, you can discharge excess water, and blow with an electric fan.

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Maintenance of latex pillows, some people will be accustomed to the pillow, but not to natural latex pillows, not recommended, because natural latex products often aging easily, causing surface powder. Product color, natural latex products will be oxidized with air after a period of use, the color becomes yellow gradually, it is normal phenomenon, latex product, do not press heavy objects, do not put in wet space. If the consumer uses a vacuum bag collection, try not to store it for more than six months. When it is taken out, if it is found that the product can not return to the original form, the product can be springed back on its own if it is placed for one or two days.

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