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What are the types of children's pillows?
- Jun 26, 2017 -


What are the types of children's pillows?

  The first category: fixed high pillow

  This type of pillow, the general pillow are fixed height, but the baby with the growth of age, the head and body spine development speed is very fast, so that the cervical spine and spinal line is not in the same line, To the baby's growth and development have a certain impact, likely to cause similar problems such as hunchback.With the arrival of the Spanish ki kasi, children with cervical care pillow industry is also growing and growing.

  The second category: fixed groove pillow

  This type of pillow, usually in the middle of a fixed groove, the baby's head sleep in a fixed groove, the general publicity can achieve the effect of stereotypes, this type of pillow, basically did not consider the baby individual Of the difference in the size of the head, because the pillow in the middle of a concave, with a long time, leading to the baby's head behind the corresponding bulge. In addition the baby slightly moved to basically remove the original groove, and the filler for the sponge of the soft material, it is easy to groove the side of the soft material crushed, and simply can not achieve the role of stereotypes.

  The third category: different materials pillow

  Many pillows on the market pillow, using silkworm sand, sponge, latex, buckwheat husk and other fillers, but the pillow are basically no antibacterial treatment, although the baby's sleep and stereotypes have a certain role, but because the baby Easy to sweat and back to the milk and other circumstances, the dirt is very easy to penetrate the pillow, resulting in moldy, breeding bacteria, if not promptly cleaned, the pillow becomes a hotbed of bacteria

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