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Characteristics Of Latex Pillows
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Latex pillow is a pillow made of pure natural latex. The latex pillow is used for long time, has the characteristics of air permeability and hygroscopicity, its unique soft touch and high elasticity of latex can conform to the body outline, rely on the spine of the body, make your spine the best without any negative line. Latex pillow is not only more consistent with the long-term sleep habits, but also allows the natural latex pillow to give users a healthy and comfortable sleep.

latex pillows

1. safety and environmental protection

The pillow is closely related to our life. It can be said that we have 1/3 in one day with it, so whether it is safe and environmentally friendly is related to our health. The raw material of latex pillow is pure natural rubber tree sap. The whole production process is "physical technology" without chemical technology participation, fundamentally non-toxic and harmless. And the use of latex pillows in the natural degradation is very fast, it can be said that it is safe to humans, without polluting the environment.

2. good ventilatory

Traditional pillows are not very good because of their tight texture and breathability. And the latex pillow is a honeycomb type of stomata design, conducive to the circulation of air, the human body's waste heat and moisture can be quickly lost, and it can keep the temperature in a certain level, the summer use will feel particularly cool.

3. antiseptic and antiseptic

Latex pillow is made of natural raw material, it will send out unique milk fragrance, this fragrance can not only make people sleep safe, but also have the ability to inhibit bacteria, full insect breeding, and reduce the occurrence of acne. And because of the material relationship, it basically does not produce static electricity, which greatly reduces the intrusion of dust, and is helpful to the improvement of some asthma, rhinitis, or other respiratory system diseases.

4. high and low moderate

In fact, the human body is very fussy about the height and low of the pillow. If it is high, it can cause cervical spondylosis easily. If it is low, it will cause the hyperemia of the brain, and it is not good for health. Latex pillows are designed to accommodate this problem. They are resilient, easy to recover, and can control the height of our sleep. Moreover, the design of latex pillow is integrated into the principle of ergonomics, and has a promoting effect on our sleep.