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Buy Pillows, Have A Lot Of Knowledge
- May 18, 2017 -

Buy Pillows, have a lot of knowledge

To choose the right pillow, you must first understand the correct pillow method. Although said is "pillow", in fact, "pillow neck" is correct, should be pillow in the back of the head and shoulder in the middle of the neck, when sleeping soundly to support the role of the neck. In supine, the highest point should be in the middle of the neck, in order to support the neck song, to maintain the physiological curvature of the neck. The lowest point of the pillow is the back of the head; the pillow supports the side of the neck while lying on the side. To keep the front view of the spine in a straight line, from the side view is normal S (physiological curve) principle. Li Taoping said, in the health care pillow "high to low" shape compared with the physiological curve of the human body, when sleeping, the pillow and cervical vertebra better joint, support of the cervical spine, more suitable for the love man.

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